Want to know the default communication styles of each of the Enneagram Personality types?

Communication is both speaking and listening. Knowing your communication style is helpful but seeing the 8 other types are even more enlightening. How are you perceived when you speak in your default way? How do you perceive others as they speak in their default way?

We can not be self-aware without knowledge.

Let me help you with that...

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I have witnessed first hand how working with your Enneagram and the 9 ways of being help me understand both myself but also others.

Maybe you know your Enneagram number? Maybe you do not?

Knowing the communication styles are super helpful as you see the range of styles and how natural conflicts are built in.

As a Enneagram and Sacred Contracts coach I would love to share my knowledge with you.

Sandra Orndorff, ENNVision LLC

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Sandra Orndorff, ENNVision LLC